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The Best is Yet To Come When Pain is Behind You

Back Pain

No one likes back pain. Your local Chiropractor can get rid of it.

Neck Pain

Experiencing neck pain? It's something many adults have to deal with.

Auto Accidents

Your car is damaged, but you feel fine. Pain from auto accidents can get worse over time, get a check up as soon as you can.


Dealing with headaches? You're not the only one. Many have been helped by using spinal adjustments to treat headaches.


Local Chiropractor, Dr. Pluckhan, is best known for treating sciatica. Come in for a consultation to find out if he can help you too.

Work Injuries

Have you suffered a work injury? Let your Chiropractor Dr. Pluckhan help relieve your pain.

Disc Pain

Disc pain can occur in anybody. Most people aren't even aware of what causes disc pain.

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve can occur at any time, and doesn't discriminate. This treatment can relieve your pinched nerve.


Our treatment is a safe method of care for adults, children and elderly patients.

Welcome to Crossroads Back & Neck Care Center!

At Crossroads Back & Neck Care Center, Dr. Brad Pluckhan, provides better health and wellness for each of his chiropractic patients. Dr. Pluckhan cares about your wellness goals and overall health. His chiropractic skills are further strengthened by his years in this field serving people like you. We, at Crossroads, are driven to only offer friendly, skilled chiropractic service in Gilroy, CA.

Dr. Brad Pluckhan began his chiropractic career in spinal rehab during the late 80’s at a large rehab clinic in San Jose, CA.

[[ “From early on, I loved the challenge. I’d bring a patient who really thought they were going to have a life filled with back pain, to a reality that they could get better.” says Dr. Pluckhan. He adds, “I found that most chiropractic patients were missing a true knowledge of why they have the problems they do. I like to show them what they need to do in order to change it for the long term.”Chiropractor Gilroy ]]

He graduated Cum Laude from Palmer Chiropractic College -West in San Jose in 1996. He then opened his first practice in Los Gatos. “Starting out, I worked with a lot of athletes. I found that these patients were already on their way to better health. Then I realized that a greater challenge were those who have traveled further down the road of poor spinal health.” This is what  makes Dr. Brad Pluckhan, DC the best chiropractor locals could have.

Do you have back pain Gilroy? Do you have neck pain? Patients seeking chiropractic treatment at Crossroads will receive the best care through the use of modern tools and technique. The practice focuses on all ages and lifestyles.

At Crossroads Back & Neck Care Center, we mesh chiropractic, PT, decompression and massage to offer the best for our patients.

We have achieved a standard of success which has been proven in two other chiropractic practices in the Bay Area. We have brought that success to our local community. We want to be your best advocate.


Call today to schedule a chiropractic visit at Crossroads! You, too, can be a patient of the chiropractor locals prefer.

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